Mum guilt, 6 things

Mum guilt, 6 things

I bet any mum you ask will admit to feeling guilty a lot of the time, even about the smallest of things. Mum guilt is real and unless you speak to other mums you don't really hear about much, i personally don't have any friends who have children so for me its non existent!. I [...]


Tough days

These past 6-7 days have been hard. The kind of days where as a parent you have to summon any last bit of strength you have and power through! Max came down with what we assume was the flu and so of course for the past 6 days has been very sad and indeed hard [...]

5 Job roles of mums

This is somewhat a joke kind of post but also true 🙂 Something i was thinking about earlier this morning whilst out with max was all of the different job roles mums are every single day. The things your almost meant to know simply because to your kids you know everything and can solve any [...]