Hi my names Megan, i’m the mum behind creating footsteps. I created this website as a way to document my journey through motherhood sharing what we get up to as family as well as simply documenting my real thoughts and emotions, almost like a diary. 

Like most of us i have had my fair share of battles over the years and during parenthood.. I’ve been hit by a car, suffered with moderate depression, overcame an eating disorder and currently manage to live with anxiety. Im also a true introvert and since my personality type makes up just 1% of the population life has been tough at times, i tend to have a lot to say or want to say but few people to share my thoughts with. I love the fact i have this website and community to share my thoughts with and also have discussions with other like minded people.

My family consists of me and my partner Kyron ( currently engaged 🙂 ) and our three boys with one on the way!. All of the kids have such different personalities and its been amazing watching them all grow and change over the years. Ive been a SAHM for nearly 8 years now and during this time i have chopped and changed my career path so many times, its ok as i have learnt a little bit more about myself each time. I think its sad that many mums feel lonely and feel they don’t have anyone to talk to, i want this website to be a place in which all mums can feel its ok to express their feelings and discuss anything with one another. Don’t feel shy in leaving your comments and opinions :).