36 weeks + 3 days

As of Saturday i will officially be term! If i was to go into labor they wouldn’t stop it from happening. All of my kids have been late though so it’s highly unlikely i will go into labor early. As far as how i have been feeling lately it’s pretty much the same as my last update, just now i’m getting more anxious and hormonal. Baby is in perfect position but not engaged at all yet, i’m still suffering from heartburn but its not as bad as it has been in the past few weeks ( my chocolate eating doesn’t help lol ). 

I see my chiropractor one last time before D day and although its helped my sciatic pain with my huge i am getting and baby getting heavier i’m still in a lot of pain during the night/evenings. My activity levels are slowly down due to how tired i’m now getting, for the most part i swim 3 times a week for an hour then some weeks i throw in a gym workout ( rare though ). I do try and take max out in the mornings but i get rather uncomfortable walking and need to pee all the time so again i tend to stick closer to home.

Im finding it hard lately to get my head around having 4 kids and some days i’m honestly a hormonal mess who is worrying about everything! I know everything will be ok and work out just fine but some days my mind just goes into overdrive. 

From Saturday my midwife has said to try harvesting colostrum so i shall be trying that out from then, i have heard mixed views on this but i obviously trust my own midwife more than google lol. I plan on breastfeeding but its good to have an emergency back up in those early days as you never know how the labor will go and what could happen afterwards. As far as self inducing labor i’m really not bothering, babies come in their own time. Im just continuing with my raspberry leaf tablets and evening primrose oil tablet for now, both of which don’t put you into labor but rather prepare your cervix. 


I think thats most things covered and now its literally just a waiting game. Im so hoping this baby isn’t 9 days late like max because this pregnancy has been god awful and its now also warming up a lot in the uk. Big belly and heat combined with sickness, heartburn and peeing 24/7 just don’t mix well haha. 





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