3rd-9th June 19



This past week was a pretty average week with the exclusion of Monday ( kids had an inset day at school ). A few things that happened this week:

  • Kai and Charlie decided to wear goggles, pjama trousers and swimming hats to the park…. they looked ridiculous but hey kids don’t care what other people think and they had fun so why not. We can learn a lot from kids 🙂 
  • Max was wiped out and stayed asleep whilst being moved to the sofa ( sat upright ) so of course i took a photo and admired how cute he looked whilst also enjoying the quiet ha ha. 
  • Plenty of tears and outbursts from Kai and Charlie whilst playing uno pretty much every day this past week….. Kai hates losing so gets angry and Charlie cries and screams. Basically games with kids is rarely fun due to them either cheating or getting upset when they don’t win. 
  • We had a private ultrasound and got to see baby #4 for the last time before he/she makes their appearance in less than 5 weeks now!
  • I felt extremely sick and had severe heartburn for the whole of Saturday which i made worse by eating KFC….. i never learn. 
  • Me and Kyron stayed up until midnight ( this is late for us parents ) playing Roblox….. if you are a parent you will have heard of this game. Im now not sure if we are cool parents or really not cool BUT its a highly addictive game. 

And that just about sums up the past week. Of course i have forgotten many things because i have major mum/ preggo brain and honestly rarely remember what day of the week we are on these days. As usual lots of hi’s and lo’s but thats just life 🙂 




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