34 weeks pregnant |update

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Here we are at week 34! This update will be pretty short to be honest as all my symptoms have pretty much been the same. The top annoying symptom has been heartburn, and my god can it get bad. Theres been numerous nights when i have honestly felt i was going to be sick due to how much acid was coming up ( lovely right lol ). Im hoping baby starts to engage soon so the heartburn will go away!. Other things are the usuals like sciatica and sickness and also stabbing pains down below due to the increase pressure and baby literally head butting my cervix. 

I did see my midwife this past week and everything with baby is great, baby is in the perfect position now too. Im pretty excited now as seeing the midwife every 2 weeks means D day is near. I have my home birth visit next week which is also pretty exciting, i only have a few bits left to buy and then good to go. 

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I have upped swimming to 3 times a week now since its far more appealing to me than sweating it out on cardio machines in the gym which then cause me braxton hicks contractions… i’ve been swimming for around an hour each time and the water really helps relax me as well as it actually tiring me out. Although i’m enjoying swimming i reallllllly miss the gym and how i used to train 🙁 BUT i know its worth it and i can get back to it eventually. I think that just about it for this update, i am now taking my raspberry leaf tea capsules every morning instead of drinking the tea, the tea in my opinion tastes too horrid and i drink so much already i cant fit anymore liquids in ha. 

I have booked a scan for this weekend so will share those photos afterwards 🙂 i’m pretty excited to see how much baby has grown. 






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