Postpartum Essentials

I have now ordered all my postpartum items and also in the process of putting together an emergency bag for incase i don’t get my home birth. I will be doing another post on my bag and babies bag but for now i wanted to share with you what things i class as essential for the postpartum period ( first week after labor ). Of course these things are my own choice and classing them as essentials is my own opinion BUT after having 3 children already i feel pretty confident in my list :). 

These things are what i highly recommend for the first week – 2 weeks. I like to spend as little as possible and buy less of the not necessary items. Im a huge amazon prime lover and 90% of the time i look on there first before ordering elsewhere so majority of these things are from there.

1- Underwear. I decided to get the usual big granny style knickers and also throw away netted underwear, i’m going to use the netted ones for the first few days after delivery due to bleeding usually being the heaviest and then switch over to the big underwear ( so glamorous ). With how heavy bleeding is its best to just use undies that are comfy and you don’t mind throwing out!. 

2- Nursing bras and vests. If not breastfeeding then you don’t need these items, i really am not a bra person and don’t even own a single normal bra! so when choosing nursing ones i opt for the comfy ones with no crazy clips etc. When extremely sleep deprived and feeding around the clock you want simple bras and vests to undo quickly. I like black because its easy to pair with anything else and of course its meant to be slimming…. right haha.

3- Bed pads. These are great and can be used for home births ( my choice ) or for after delivery to protect your bed sheets from any leaking.

4- Maternity pads. These i tend to buy from boots and are pretty cheap too. For the first few days – week i like to use the big big ones and then when the bleeding slows i move over to always night time pads as these feel nicer.

5- Nipple cream and breast pads. I swear by lansinoh and have used this brand with all of my kids. The nipple cream is highly rated and i can honestly say i am yet to find a cream as good. Breast pads are also my favourite as they don’t show through your clothing like cheaper alternatives.


As far as clothing goes i will do a separate post on this as i will be post partum in the middle of summer! Im sure i’m not the only one who’s lost at what to wear following delivery. I have already started a list so will be sharing that soon :). 

I hope this helps and feel free to share any other essentials you swear by below. 




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