30 weeks pregnant


Here we are with another update, honestly crazy how little time i have left now!. Im now swimming once a week as well as my gym workouts 4 times ( ish ) per week, my gym sessions are mostly cross trainer based with some upper body since i  am not allowed to do any leg exercises anymore. My chiropractor is trying to re align my pelvis but all the time i’m getting bigger the harder it will become! Will be a lot easier post partum. Im gutted about no leg exercises but i’m also really loving swimming as its relaxing and really good on my aches and pains. 

Main symptoms: 

  • Peeing all the time still ( struggle is real ) 
  • Itchy skin, it’s driving me insane some days. 
  • Heartburn. Rennie is now my best friend 🙂 
  • Tired during the day. Obviously not sleeping and running around after my three kids doesn’t help but come 3pm i’m wiped out.

My total weight gain thus far is between 21-23lbs which i’m actually ok with since i eat alllll the time lol. 

I think that is a very quick summary of the past 2 weeks for you. Crazy to me that my next update is when i reach 8 months!! There will be 6 of us before i know it :). 




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