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Once i reach 32 weeks pregnant ( next week! eek ) there are a few things i’m going to be doing to help prepare my body for labor. These things are not meant to put you into labor but instead help with position and engagement of baby and the tea helps with softening your cervix. As always its best to check with your own midwife before starting anything just incase. 


GYM BALL: I never used one of these in my previous pregnancies but due to my really painful sciatica i figured its worth getting one thing time round. From my understanding these balls are great for getting baby to engage ( help ) and can be used during labor too. Due to me having a home birth in place again i will likely try out the ball as they are super comfy. I will be using it daily and doing some rocking and hip circles on it. 


RASPBERRY LEAF TEA: Now this i swear by! i have used it from week 32 in every single pregnancy and have had fast labor’s with them all, also a very fast pushing stage. Obviously some women don’t find it helps at all but for me it really does work wonders. I don’t like the taste at all though so do struggle to drink it at times. You start with one cup a day and then gradually increase one cup at a time every few weeks, i only ever got up to 2-3 cups though as i cant stand the taste lol. The tea is meant to be started early as it needs time to build up, so taking it a few weeks before your due date wont benefit you at all. My last baby came within 2 hours from the first contraction! i tend to go from 3cm-10cm very fast so i’m praying my labor is quick this time around too ( pain isn’t exactly nice ). 

EXERCISE: Although i have remained active throughout my pregnancy i wanted to mention it here as well as its so so highly recommended for pregnant women and really does have benefits for you during labor and afterwards. Just think if you have maintained a good exercise regime your body can then keep going for longer during labor and your body can recover quicker after delivery too. Im limited due to my false contractions whenever i workout and also my sciatic pain BUT i still do whatever i can, lifting weights seems to be fine and its the cardio that hurts. For me i still lift 3 times a week but a lot lighter and only for around 20 minutes, i focus a lot of squats as these are great for getting baby into a good position. 

Exercise during pregnancy benefits:

  • Helps relieve aches and pains 
  • Improves your mood 
  • Improves your posture
  • Helps you sleep better 
  • Increased energy 
  • Promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance 

Its crazy to me that i have reached the point in this pregnancy to which i am preparing my body for delivery again, the weeks have flown by.  Im excited to begin and get closer to meeting this baby, plus then knowing if we have another little boy or the shock of a little girl :). 




2 thoughts on “Preparing body for labor

  1. I agree about the raspberry leaf tea! I drank a ton in my last pregnancy and I only pushed for 6 minutes with a short labor. I think it really does tone the uterus. I can’t stand it hot though so I make it iced with a packet of stevia and it’s soooo much better!

    1. So interesting to hear, glad it helped you too. Thats a great idea! i cant stand the taste either and what with it now getting warmer and warmer an iced version sounds much nicer haha.

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