Pregnancy fitness simplified


Like most pregnant women i struggle at times to know what to do during pregnancy and what not to do. You can be bombarded with people telling you you shouldn’t do certain exercises or even workout at all! This simply isn’t true and exercise during pregnancy is actually recommended. With that being said it’s hard at times to know what you can do or how often you can do it. The general rule is whatever you were doing pre pregnancy is fine during too ( within reason ) you do want to take it easy though, so no running marathons or competing in a weight lifting competition haha. As far as how often well thats down to the individual, some women can maintain a gym workout most days of the week but personally i workout maybe 4 times a week and if i don’t fancy it one day then i skip it. Don’t force yourself to exercise if you really don’t feel up to it. 

Im not going to give you a list of exercises or routines etc as i am not a personal trainer nor am i qualified in prental fitness PLUS i don’t see its needed.…. theres no need to obsess over routines or specific workouts during pregnancy and its easy to over complicate things. Its fairly simple, move your body! however you please. If you love waking then just do that, if you love swimming then do that or if you are a gym person then just head to the gym. The key thing is to keep doing things you love and just being active but in ways you can enjoy instead of seeing it as chore. You are more likely to stick to an active lifestyle during your pregnancy if you do things you enjoy. 

My tips:

  • Rest when needed 
  • Don’t over do it ( listen to your body )
  • Stick to things you know and enjoy 
  • Walking is the easiest way to keep active 
  • Skipping days is ok 
  • If something hurts then stop ( specific activity ) 

I hope this post helps in some way 🙂 any mums to be still maintaining an active lifestyle? if so then whats your favourite way to keep active? 




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