28 week pregnancy diary


Officially made it to the third and final trimester! still cant believe it, this pregnancy has flown by and we are now on the home stretch and countdown to d day. Things are starting to get real now and its slowly sinking in that in just a few months we will become a family of 6. Before i mention how i have been feeling i just want to point out that i am still beyond happy to be pregnant and super excited to meet baby BUT i’m also keeping it real and being honest with how this pregnancy has been/is going. 


So how have i been feeling? over it. This pregnancy has been the most taxing on me physically and mentally and i am perfectly ok with the fact this is my last pregnancy. 

  1. Heartburn has progressively got worse lately, i had almost forgotten how horrid it was. Usually i just suffer with it until it goes away but if it stays put i pop a rennie and i’m good to go lol. 
  2. Pelvic stabbing pains and round ligament pain. Around a week ago i had the worst round ligament pain and was slightly worried but after a google ( not always wise ) i realised its normal at this stage. I do feel HUGE and my belly has grown a lot so it makes sense to get pain from stretching. The pelvic pain is almost like daggers in my vagina ( nice right lol ) i know this pain will get worse and happen more often the closer i get to my due date. 
  3. Braxton hicks and sciatic pain. Braxton hicks have been happening daily and usually happen in the evening as i have been active throughout the day, all i do is sit down and drink some more and they usually go away. Sciatic pain is literally the worst right now and i don’t sleep a wink due to being in agony. I have actually now looked into seeing . chiropractor to help as i cant take much more! i know i should be avoiding specific exercises etc but don’t know what so i figured a professional opinion will help. 
  4. Non stop peeing is quite ridiculous these days, i will pee then leave the house and need to go again within 10 minutes! Now when going out with the kids i make sure theres a toilet close by lol. 
  5. No specific cravings but i’m eating ALOT, i am always hungry and my appetite is huge. I fill up on whole foods but have also been indulging too.
  6. Dry scalp and skin. It doesn’t matter how much coconut oil or moisturiser i use my skin just sucks it all up and dries out again. I had this issue with all of my pregnancies but its worse this time around. 

I had my midwife appointment this past week and everything was great, babies heart sounded good and was kicking the doppler away. My bump was measuring larger than it should but she wasn’t concerned ( explains why i feel like an actual whale ha ). I had my bloods taken and it turns out my iron levels are on the lower side, so i’m now taking spa tone sachets which taste horrid but i prefer them to iron tablets as those tend to block you up.  My next appointment isn’t until 34 weeks but once i have that one i see the midwife every 2 weeks! Things really get real from then onwards. My home birth is all in place but will again be further confirmed at my next appointment. In the next few weeks i have to start getting the birth bits ready for at home. 

I think i covered most things and don’t want to ramble on too much but will do my next big update at week 34 since i will have seen my midwife again by then:). 




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