Standen house and garden visit


This week since its the easter holidays we visited a place called Standen house. Most of the national trust parks are doing easter egg trails for a cost of just £3 per child, you get a booklet with questions and activities to complete whilst visiting and if you finish you get a chocolate egg! Me and Kyron of course helped the kids along the way, completing the trail made our visit that little bit more exciting since chocolate was at the end ( we are big chocolate fans 🙂 ). I liked the fact you learn about the place and also wildlife/flowers along the way as well. 


We took a picnic and had that as it was actually a pretty warm day, there were loads of different picnic areas and benches dotted throughout so you could stop wherever suited. There were lots of beautiful tulips to look at on our way round, the kids obviously had no interest in this but if you fancied a visit and didn’t have children i’m sure you would appreciate the flowers and scenery, for us it was a case of letting the kids burn off their endless energy ha. Although its buggy friendly there were a lot of stairs leading to the nature park ( kids loved this ) but we didn’t find this too faffy. The nature park was brilliant and was essentially an area full of huge logs, trees and dirt piles which for kids is perfect! we spent a good hour here. The kids just built things with the logs, rolled them, hit trees with them and max played in the dirt hill. 


I think in total we spent a solid 3-3.5hours here and on the way home every single child was asleep so huge win haha. Another great national park to visit in sussex and we will likely visit again in the future. 




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