Week of workouts|pregnancy

This past week was pretty average in terms of workouts, i didn’t have a great amount of energy or motivation to be completely honest. I am back to not sleeping a wink and in a lot more pain day to day so working out hasn’t exactly been easy! I did make it to the gym 4 times though which isn’t bad. 


Workout 1: 6 miles on the bike followed by…. Barbell front squats X4 sets, Weighted hip bridge x3 sets, Bird dog x3 sets, banded squats x3 sets. Finished on the back extension machine and did 3 sets using 10kg then dropping weight to do as many reps as possible ( this one kills). 

Workout 2: 30 mins on the bike followed by a stretch. Short and sweet due to feeling exhausted. 

Workout 3: 20 minutes on the cross trainer followed by…. Leg press machine x3 sets, Barbell deadlifts x3 sets, Sumo squats x3 sets then to finish i used to abductor machine and did 3 sets on that. 

Workout 4: 7 miles on the bike followed by…. Cable single arm rows x3 sets, Cable front squats x3 sets, Dumbbell deadlifts x3 sets and to finish i did 2 sets of cable kickbacks. 




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