Love your pregnancy body

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Lets face it being pregnant and loving your body can be hard at times and near impossible for others. It’s easy to focus on the negatives such as; clothes not fitting, weight gain, pelvic pain, frequent urination and itchy skin BUT if you change your thinking you can love your body and embrace those changes. Of course there will be good days and not so good days simply due to hormonal changes and mood but wouldn’t it be nice to have more of those good body confident days :). 

I don’t have any magic words of wisdom to help you love your changing body but i do have a few things that i have been doing lately which has helped a lot and might help you too. 

Embrace change instead of fighting against it. Your body WILL get bigger and will change as you progress through your pregnancy, just accept what is instead of trying to fight against it. 

Photos in lingerie/swimwear. This may or may not help but for me if i wear semi nice undies/swimwear and take some photos i generally feel better about myself and feel pretty good. You could also simply put on something that makes you feel good and do the same thing. Don’t feel ashamed of your bare belly, you are growing a human being which is the most beautiful thing. 

Dress in whats comfortable. Don’t try squeezing into your pre preggo jeans as this will only make you feel bad, buy some nice maternity ones instead or stretchy trousers/joggers. Not all maternity wear is ugly it just takes some searching to find some nice bits. I personally buy most things second hand for maternity wear and then still wear pre preggo jogging bottoms etc but my style is very laid back and i opt for comfort over fashion ha. 

With me now approaching the last trimester and becoming more and more uncomfortable as well as a lot larger i really am trying to have more good body image days and just trying to care of myself as best as i can ( hard with 3 crazy kids lol ). I know my body wont be like this forever, also am blessed to be able to carry my 4th child so i try and not complain too much and accept things for what they are. 




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