Simple toys, hours of fun



I wanted to share a few of our favourite toys we have been loving lately and that i class as a must have for kids. These days it’s easy to get sucked into buying all of these fancy toys for our kids but they end up playing with them a couple of times and then forgotten about. I am still working through their toys and clearing out ones they don’t play with but since organising and de cluttering they have played with their toys more often! Kids get overwhelmed easily and less really is better. 

orbeez  are one of the kids favourites toys lately, many uses for them and the whole family can be entertained! win win i think. We have used them in vases and bowls and lately used them in the bath which they loved. The only downside is getting them out again after, i used a sieve and to be honest it didn’t take that long. A tint handful will expand in water over a few hours and you will have LOADS of them. A little goes a long way. 

magnetic building blocks  are a must have! Honestly these things are brilliant. Even i have had fun building with them haha. They are safe and easy to use and all of the kids will use them. Max likes to build houses for his little people and put them to bed, these blocks really get kids to use their imagination and they have many uses. 

building blocks  are another staple in our house. Another toy in which sparks imagination and has endless things it can become. My kids tend to build towers and knock them down with cars or we build a castle and put animals and people inside. 

These are just a few of the toys we have beeb loving lately, i love how they have numerous uses and can keep everyone entertained for a long period of time. Sometimes the simplest of toys end up being the favourite. What are some of your favourite toys that your kids love? 



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