Bodiam castle visit


This weekend was a flying visit to bodiam castle after being out with the kids at the park. The older boys went off earlier with their dad so didn’t come along with us. I think by the time we had arrived we had roughly an hour before they were closing! we will be coming back with all of the boys next time. 

Even though we were there for just one hour we made the most of it. We climbed up most of the way inside the castle but i chickened out going all the way to the top ( terrified of heights ). Due to it being a castle the windy spiral stairs up and up can be tough so those with small children may rather opt out or carry them up. Kyron carried max and we were so glad to see actual rooms whilst climbing the stairs. 

Max pretty much just explored the rooms, looking out of every window and talking to ladybirds he found. Once we left the castle we said hello to the ducks ( very tame ducks and will take food from your hands!) and then walked around the outside of the castle playing with stones and sticks since these are max’s current obsessions. Any other mums have toddlers who are obsessed with stones? max will spend ages showing us different stones, we then have to throw them before he sees and continue to accept new ones haha. 

Once we finished exploring what we could it was time to leave, max had a little snack and said bye bye before getting back into the car to head for home. Max also loves to say bye to everything and anyone, pretty cute really. I cant wait to bring all of the boys here as they would really love it! loads of awesome trees to climb which is perfect for older children and then for toddlers theres just loads of grass and sticks etc which toddlers love. 







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