24 week pregnancy update


Officially 6 months! crazy. This pregnancy is seriously flying by, i know i say it often but it just baffles me how little time i have left already. Although i cant say i’m going to miss being pregnant this time round lol. 


How have the past 2 weeks been? A bit meh to be honest. My moods decreased again but i’m not sleeping sooo likely why. Sickness is STILL here. Yup been over it for a long time and don’t want to waste anymore negative energy talking about it ha. Im peeing alllll the time, literally numerous times per hour. Baby is crazy active now and i have noticed a pattern of movement which is pretty cool, seems baby is still most active right in the evening and when i’m trying to sleep!. No new cravings but still loving sparkling water…. it kind of helps my sickness too so its a win win. 

Weight gain thus far? So i have just weighed myself mid day which isn’t best but typically i forgot this morning… i have gained a grand total of 14 lbs. I know its just a number but i still really don’t like seeing the scale go up every month. Its hard to know you have all this weight to get off after! I know all that matters is that baby is healthy so thats what i will focus on and not the number. I think i gained 28lbs in my last pregnancy so i’m really hoping i don’t gain more this time round. 

And i cant think of anything else to update on so thats it for another 2 weeks. I dont have my midwife appointment until a couple more weeks so i think i will update again after that :). 




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