Chartwell – National trust




This past weekend we all went to a new national trust park called chartwell. 

We had a blast! There was so much to do for the kids so i highly recommend going if you have children. The walk isn’t too long and whilst exploring theres plenty of things for the kids to stop to do along the way, such as door mouse dens, big tree house, hammocks to swing in, steep muddy hills to slide and run down plus a small park all made of wood. The best bit was by the tree house though, you also had a bomb crater that in its place now has ropes and balancing beams for the kids to climb. 





If you love the outdoors then this is the place for you. We spent a good 3-4 hours here before heading back to the cafe for a slice of cake :). The cafes at all national trust parks are always lovely, proper cake and good drinks. 

The views whilst out and about were lovely, the lake with swans looked beautiful too. Max had a little meltdown because he wanted to get close to one….. instead we said bye bye swan and moved on ha. 



We actually had no arguments at all! I mean huge parenting win or what. The fact the kids didn’t kill each other and everyone ended up covered in mud means 10/10 marks from me. We will for sure be going back as this was one of our favourites so far. There is also the main house that  you can get an allocated slot to visit but we were having too much fun outside so skipped this bit. 




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