Week of workouts| 22 weeks pregnant


This past week was a bit of a mixed one for workouts. The beginning of the week started well, i was full of energy and my mood was good but towards the end of the week i was tired and felt pretty run down so my workouts suffered a tad. Its ok though i still got workouts in and thats the main thing, moving your body somehow is all that really matters. 

Workout 1- 

  1. Deep dumbbell squat x15 rep
  2. Goblet squat x12-15 rep
  3. Banded glute bridge x15 rep
  4. Banded abduction x15
  5. Bird dog x 10 each side 


Finished with intervals on cross trainer. 

Workout 2-

  1. lat pulldown machine x12 reps for 3 sets 
  2. Face pulls x12 reps superset with Single cable rows x10 reps x3 sets 
  3. Cable front raises x12 reps x3 sets 

Intervals on cross trainer again this day. 

Workout 3-

  1. Half burpees x10 
  2. Banded squats x15-18
  3. Wall push ups x12
  4. Walking lunges x20 total 
  5. Hip bridge weighted x15
  6. Shoulder press x12 

REPEAT X4 TIMES. This was an at home workout and the entire circuit took around 22 minutes to complete, was harder than i thought lol. 

Workout 4-

No weights or circuits today as i felt truly awful with zero energy! simply waked to the gym to do bog standard cardio on the cross trainer for around 40 minutes then stretched and left. Still lifted my mood and made me feel good though :). 

Workout 5-

  1. Deadlift x15
  2. Goblet squat x15
  3. Side lunge x12 per side 
  4. Banded squat x15-20
  5. Banded glute bridge x15

REPEAT X3 TIMES. Cross trainer again for cardio, i use this most of the time :). 

As you can see i tend to favour circuits, i get bored easily and quite frankly don’t want to spend hours in the gym! Circuits i find fun, they keep your heart rate up too. I usually pick 5-6 exercises and complete one after the other then rest before repeating the circuit. Obviously this is just my preferred way of training but hopefully i can give you some ideas if you ever feel stuck for what to do whilst in the gym or just fancy a change. 

My weights are lighter than they usually are and so reps are higher although for circuits you generally want slightly lighter weights anyway :). Im not a professional but i know my workouts are completely safe for me and my baby ( always check with your own doctor first ). 








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