22 Week pregnancy update



These past two weeks have almost been a blur and i can barely remember what happened and how i have been feeling. I will try recap the main symptoms though…

  1. Sciatica. I have had this as an on going issue but it does seem to be worsening :/ which lets face it makes complete sense as baby is continuing to grow and my weight/bump increases as well. Getting off the floor, sofa and out of bed is a challenge at times and walking can be painful so it means moving slower and being careful.
  2. Sickness. Now this is still lingering buttt i will say its not been as bad this past week, i don’t want to jinx myself but maybe its slowly fading. I still do get sick daily but i’ve noticed its happening less often, car journeys are still awful for me and i do have to take my tablets for that but lately i’ve not needed them at any other time.
  3. Movement. This i’m most excited about 🙂 i can finally feel baby moving properly and all of the time too! Due to my anterior placenta i couldn’t feel much and was kind of bummed about it to be honest but lately baby is moving properly and i can feel everything, Kyron even finally felt the baby from the outside last night.  
  4. Energy. So most days it now seems i have good energy again, i do get tired on the occasional days depending on what we have been doing but overall i actually feel pretty energised. My workouts have been great this past week which is helping to lift my mood too. 

I think those are the main symptoms covered, overall its been a good couple of weeks and my mood has improved a lot too. I still have days where i’m feeling low but thats normal, also have days where i struggle with my body changing but again i know its normal to feel that way sometimes. Times flying by and i’m trying to soak up this pregnancy as i know its my last. 

I will be doing my updates every 2 weeks providing i have enough to talk about. Kind of dreading my next weigh in ( i do it monthly) just because my appetite can be huge at times and it seems all i do is eat lol. Meh what will be will be and a healthy baby is really all that matters. 

Hope you are all having a good week. 




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