Weekend diary


This weekend we had a pretty busy one! Saturday morning rolled round and as per usual all the kids were up by 7 am… yep no more relaxing mornings in bed once you have kids ha. Once the kids had eaten and messed around/ trashed the living room i took Charlie out with me into town as he had a birthday party later that day, i always leave getting the present until the last minute. Charlie has been rather difficult lately (middle child syndrome) and we figured its lack of attention so hence me taking him into town alone this time. After some sulking we had a potter around town and got the present and card, Charlie bought some squishy cat toy from paper-chase and then had a great time laughing at the cats fat head as he squeezed it.. lol. 

We stopped off at waitrose before home as i was feeling some bacon and eggs for breakfast ( hadn’t eaten yet ). As soon as we go home it was a mad rush to get every one ready and in the car and we had 20 minutes to do so! the older boys had haircuts booked for 11am which would take us around 30 minutes to drive there. Whilst helping Charlie with the present i dished out the orders to Kyron to make sure its all clean and that max and kai were ready. I also made myself and Kyron a bacon and egg sandwich to take with us in the car, multi tasking like a pro. 


We managed to only end up being 5 minutes late for their haircuts which for us is good going. Charlie refused to have his cut…. then sulked all the way back to the car. We then loaded the kids back up and headed into the town centre with all 3 kids ( mad i know) as kai needed some football boots. After the stressful shop around we stopped for lunch before again rushing back for Charlies friends party. We ended up dropping him off 30 minutes late…. yeah he wasn’t happy with us. Once arriving home with kai and max we simply relaxed for a while, well tried to but the kids needed to let off steam so they had an abundance of energy still. Kids never tire. 

The rest of that day we took all the kids to the park to try and tire them out a bit, they had fun playing with sticks and mud ( Kyron too ha ). The older boys then spent their Saturday night/ Sunday with their dad so me, Kyron and max had Sunday together. Our Sunday mornings are spent relaxing and playing around before putting food shopping away and heading out for the afternoon. We had planned on going to Wakehurst place with max, a brill national trust site butttt the very high winds meant it was closed when we arrived! Max had fallen asleep on route so to let him sleep we went and got the car washed ( living the high life aye 😉 ). For a random end to our weekend we stopped at the garden centre before it closed for a look around and because i really wanted a house plant, flowers die so i figured a plant would suit better. Max had a meltdown as he only got 20 minuted in the soft play before the closed…. think letting him play in the play houses would have been a better idea lol. 


We had a pretty fab weekend though and even though Sunday ended up being completely different to what we had planned we still had a nice time. Sometimes i’ts nice to not have a plan and just accept things can change last minute, you usually find something else to do :). 




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