Mum of 3 morning routine


6:30 AM alarm goes off…… i pretty much roll myself out of bed and contemplate why i am up so early and even question just getting back into bed ( we all do it right?). I then manage to open the curtains and make the bed. Always make the bed. A made bed really starts you off for a good day, or at least thats what i tell myself ha. 

I then of course need the toilet, lets face it having a baby pressing on your bladder and having a pea size bladder now means frequent trips to the toilet. Pregnancy is so glamorous at times 🙂 afterwards i usually get changed straight into my gym clothes and even put my shoes on! If my shoes are on then i have no excuses to skip the gym. 

Coffee time. I don’t always have a coffee but lately bump has allowed me a cup without wanting to throw up, so i’m enjoying it whilst it lasts. I don’t eat before the gym and to be honest never have, i just feel better and less sluggish. 

7:00 AM time to leave. I like to try and leave by this time but some mornings i can be running 15 mins behind, usually from faffing or getting too comfortable on the sofa…


9:00 AM get home, well again this all depends on how long i spent at the gym and how fast i walk/hobble home. Sciatica is a bitch at times and can make me literally waddle like a penguin. One i do get home i am usually very hungry and pretty grouchy sooo usually head straight to the kitchen for some breakfast, i just eat whatever i fancy and its usually always something quick like oats or eggs and veggies. 

Once i am done eating i then crack on with my cleaning list for the day, each day is a different room and on top of that i have my daily list. I usually have max pestering me for food or wanting to play at the same time so some mornings not a lot gets done!. Thankfully Kyron does the school runs in the mornings which means one less stress for me. 

10/10:30AM Out with max for the morning. I usually see what the weathers doing and decide on where we will go, usually always a park of some sort but on wet days we might simply splash in some puddles. Kids really don’t mind the wet weather its us parents who don’t like the idea of standing in the rain lol. 

And that pretty much sums up my morning weekdays for you. We are pretty big on routine so Monday to Friday this is pretty much what we do 🙂 although on Fridays i go to a baby group with max instead of playing outside. 




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