Pregnancy workout- 21 weeks


I decided to create at least one post per week with some examples of workouts i have been doing. 

Just to clarify i have been lifting weights for 3 years and continued to do so during my last pregnancy as well as this current one. Only continue doing what your body was used to during pregnancy :). Also i do make sure i’m lifting lighter than pre pregnancy, i push myself but not to complete exhaustion! i would always advise you listen to your body and only push when able to. 

I make sure i always stretch after every single workout and i’m beginning to foam roll more often too as my sciatica has become pretty painful. 

I wanted to share a couple of my favourites that i use weekly for you. The resistance bands are fab and can be used for numerous different exercises, great for during pregnancy too. The power crunch bars are one of my MUST HAVES for a delicious snack, i am obsessed 🙂 I have linked my favourite flavour too but theres plenty to try. 


Monday’s leg day: 

As my warm up i did 20-30 mins on the cross trainer.

SS 1 ( superset 1) : Banded squats x15 reps  followed by Banded glute bridge hold with abductions x15 reps REPEAT 3 times

SS 2: Deep dumbbell squats( heavy ish) x15 reps followed by Goblet squats x12-15 reps REPEAT 3 times

Leg press to finish x15 reps x3 sets. 


Wednesdays upper body day: 

As my warm up i did 30 mins on cross trainer ( better for my sciatica and joint pain ) 

SS 1: Shoulder press x12 reps followed by single arm rows x12-15 reps REPEAT 3 times 

Plate upright rows x12 reps for 3 sets

Finishing with lateral raises x12 reps for 3 sets 


As we are currently mid week i will likely get a few more workouts in but just wanted to share a couple days for you :). 

What are some ways you like to keep fit during pregnancy? 




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