Nymans- national trust

This past weekends day out was spent at Nymans national trust site. ( linked below )


After spending the morning cleaning, making sure the kids were fed, breaking up fights and preparing lunches to take with us we finally made it out the house by late morning. Of course on route i felt extremely sick so we had to come back to get my tablets before setting off again lol. Due to the faffing on my behalf and then Kyron having a bit of work to sort out we all ended up eating our lunch in the car before officially setting off. I cant remember what time we arrived but we didn’t leave until around 4pm!. By this point we were pretty cold and ready to go home.

As far as what this trust had to offer i would rate it about a 6/10. I think its better suited for those with toddlers than older children, our older boys spent the majority of the time arguing still! if there are fights breaking out whilst out and about i deduct points ha ha. Max on the other hand had a fab time! he loved climbing on random rocks and running across the grass etc, sadly there weren’t many trees you were aloud to climb.

One thing the older boys found fascinating was the fact every single tree and flower had a name and for the whole time we spent outside walking about they had to go and read what each of them were called. Of course none of us could pronounce most of the names but they found it entertaining. We stopped for a snack before the kids had yet another falling out…. once all resolved we headed back towards the cafe for a drink and scones. Due to it not quite being spring yet all of the flowers were yet to appear but i reckon when we go back in a few months it will look lovely. Theres even a rose garden ( personal favourite ).

All in all we had a lovely day and enjoyed the nature once again 🙂




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