20 Week anatomy scan

Today was our 20 week anatomy scan, wow that came round fast! Kyron luckily didn’t start work until later in the day so managed to come along with me and max. Getting a toddler to keep quiet in a hospital isn’t exactly easy but he was good as gold. Everything looked perfect with baby, we got to see all babies hands and feet moving around and get a good look at babies face and heart, every single pregnancy i’m still fascinated by ultrasounds. Thankfully we didn’t accidentally see anything so the gender is still very much a surprise :).

I spent the day wanting to throw up as per usual so the scan at least lifted my mood briefly. I also discovered i have an anterior placenta which explains why i don’t feel baby move yet. Luckily its normal and wont cause issues for delivery, simply means i wont feel baby for a while :(.




2 thoughts on “20 Week anatomy scan

  1. What a cute profile! Glad everything looks great. 🙂 I had an anterior placenta with my second baby. It really sucked not getting to feel him as early and the kicks to the front were always muted even later on. Thankfully I could feel him really well on the sides and top as the pregnancy progressed. 🙂

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