5 months pregnant

This past month not too much has changed and to be quite honest i’m still really not enjoying this pregnancy, i really wish i was. Im still sick every single day and pretty much all day long ( joys of hyperemesis) so i’m still taking my anti sickness tablets. My sciatica is progressively getting worse so i’m super thankful for my pregnancy pillow at night! I have had a few bouts of heartburn which is to be expected anddd i’m peeing all the the time! literally numerous times per hour.
That sums up my current symptoms pretty much ha. As much as i moan and complain i am of course super excited for this babies arrival and i’m grateful to have had a healthy pregnancy thus far. We have our anatomy scan tomorrow which i’m actually super nervous for simply due to this baby not really moving…. i rarely feel any movement which is odd as with all of my previous pregnancies i felt loads by this point :(. I am excited to see baby again though, will brighten my mood a bit about how awful i still feel.

Im not sure on my total pregnancy weight gain yet as i do weigh ins monthly, but after my appetite ramping up i assume i’ve gained a fair amount by now. I did lose 6 lbs with this hyperemesis so its like my body is now playing catch up. Im still managing the gym 4-5 times per week and trying to get my steps up to 10 thousand during the week, some days this of course doesn’t happen due to being wiped out! i don’t seem to have any sort of pregnancy glow or crazy amounts of energy yet….. forever hopeful haha.

Almost forgot my cravings this past month! Ive been craving strawberries and sparkling water… this baby has expensive taste. Trying to limit my strawberry consumption and balance it out with jelly too a swell as limiting my water craving but the still stuff just doesn’t cut it at the moment and due to drinking 3 litres of water a day it tends to get pretty boring. Im still sensitive to hot drinks and many occasions a cup of tea or coffee makes me want to throw up ( lovely).

Well thats it for another month 🙂 i will remember to do a weigh in next time and will be sharing our 20 week scan once we have had that.