Finishing my social media detox

I totally forgot to document my month without social media! but here i am a month later and with plenty to say about my experience.

Within the first week i already knew i wanted to get rid for good. The freedom i felt, the not caring for my phone, playing more with my kids etc really opened my eyes to just how addictive our phones and social media can be. Now there are people who have social media and rarely use it or they use it but for a short amount of time and suffer no ill effects, but there are also a lot of us who become addicted but wont admit it! also most of us spend hours a day mindlessly scrolling and simply wasting time.

I no longer felt the need to know what everyone else was doing, i simply didn’t care because i was living my life and living it how i wanted to without having to feel like sharing every little thing with instagram or ranting on facebook. It was refreshing to not hear other people complaining too, to not see all the fakery on instagram and become irritated by it. I already don’t read any newspapers and don’t watch or listen to the news and now by removing all of the negativity online, its really helped my anxiety improve and really appreciate my current life more.

I can honestly say i haven’t missed any of the social media apps or sites at all! instead when i get free time i spend it reading or studying or watching ted x talks on youtube, i do still watch generic youtube videos but i limit it. I now find i’m more productive with my days and also become less distracted when playing with my kids. It makes me sad to see so many people glued to their phones, phones can be a great tool but also cause many problems.

I urge everyone to try even just a week without social media and see what positive effects it can have. I know not everyone can be without or even wants to but i do think we can all benefit from reducing our time on our phones and actual start living more :).




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