Crisp walks & Family time

This weekend we decided to take the kids on a nice walk, we are lucky to live in a country that has an amazing countryside with so much to do outdoors. Obviously in the UK it rains a lot so getting outside tends to be weather dependant a lot of the time too, although kids will happily play in muddy puddles with their wellies on! its usually the adults who don’t fancy it ha.

Our family is pretty big on getting outdoors and spending as much time in the fresh air as possible, even during the winter. Have you ever noticed how well behaved your kids are and how little fights happen when you are outside? for us it makes such a difference. We recently joined the national trust and can now take advantage of all of their walks which is brilliant. National trust parks have plenty of facilities and refreshments available which is a huge plus when you have children or are pregnant and need to pee every 5 minutes..

We visited a place called Sheffield park& gardens which is based in the Sussex area. I think by the time we set off on the walk we spent a good 2-3 hours actually walking and exploring and stopped halfway to the tearoom for some cake and a drink :). We stupidly made the mistake of forgetting our wellies…. ended up covered in mud and the car filled with mud too! The kids climbed plenty of trees along the way and Kai and Charlie found a special rock each to kick for as long as possible ( yes kids find rocks entertaining lol) . Max enjoyed exploring too but did end up being put into the buggy due to the meltdowns, kids aye.

Its so important to make the most of family time, i love that the simplicity of nature can bring a smile to all our faces and entertain everyone for a few hours. Although a lot of us are still unwell it was still a lovely day out and we will for sure we going again.




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