Tough days

These past 6-7 days have been hard. The kind of days where as a parent you have to summon any last bit of strength you have and power through! Max came down with what we assume was the flu and so of course for the past 6 days has been very sad and indeed hard work, of course i don’t mind that he’s unwell and he’s being challenging due to this butttt after so many days and so many tears it becomes very hard to mentally cope. Knowing you cant take the pain away or make them better and also at the same time losing the will to live and dealing with a throbbing head from being clueless as to how else you can help.

Well as if this wasn’t much to deal with i then catch the flu…. thanks flu jab for not helping! At first i didn’t think it was flu as i just felt a bit run down but my god the next morning i sure knew it was flu. I have since been pretty much bed ridden for days and although things have slightly improved ( same for max ) i am still coughing my guts up, heads still pounding, nose is still blocked and full of snot and i still FEEL BLOODY SICK! At first getting flu was almost a relief from the sickness but now the sickness has also returned after only a few days rest from my tablets. I have been stuck inside with max for days and obviously haven’t been to the gym all week so i did nearly have a meltdown earlier on. It seems just as soon as i was able to get back into my routine of up early and gym then out with max etc that its all been taken away again and i’m back to square one.

Kind of just wanted to and needed to get things off my chest. Life gets tough and tough days are just that tough. Im trying to see everything as a lesson as life really is full of them, trying to yet again remain hopeful that one day soon i will finally feel well again. For now its more medicine, litres of fluids and sofa days for me and max… also hoping the older two don’t now catch flu.

Heres hoping to a better week 🙂




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  1. That sounds miserable! I hope you both feel better soon and nobody else catches is. I can definitely relate to getting on a good workout routine and having it get thrown out the window every.single.time. 😥

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