16 Weeks pregnant

Cant actually believe i have reached 4 whole months already! Weeks are just flying by, likely because i have three crazy kids to keep up with ha.

These past 4 weeks have been better for me mentally and i’m slowly starting to feel less negative and much more positive about everything. This past week has been one the best weeks i have had in a long time, nothing particularly great happened but i have just felt so up beat, happy and generally had a good energy to give off to those around me. I do think its partly to do with my social media detox i am currently doing… since quitting all of it and spending less time on my phone i honestly feel so different.

Symptom wise theres nothing much to report to be honest but the main ones currently are;

  • Sickness- yes its still here. Im on cyclizine tablets and have weaned myself down to 2 per day currently. Only have enough left for another week and a half so heres hoping the sickness doesn’t stick around!
  • Veins- My stomach is covered aswell as my chest. Crazy come evening.
  • Increased appetite- Since my sickness is slowly easing with the help of my tablets i have noticed i have days where i am super hungry and it seems no amount of food fills me up.
  • Energy levels have come back up, this is honestly so nice. I can walk alot now and get up early for the gym.
  • Baby movement- This is the best thing to happen recently and you really cant explain the feeling but for the past few days i have for sure been feeling baby move around. Its not alot or regularly but if i sit still after eating i can feel little taps and tickles. 🙂
  • Sciatica- BOO:( I had this with max’s pregnancy aswell and its come back already. I have been avoiding specific exercises and using my pillow between my legs to alter the position of my hips at night, this really helps.

Im currently getting to the gym 5 times a week! this is great as i was barely getting 3 sessions in beforehand. Im also making sure i hit 10 thousand steps by lunch time during the week, i take max out in the mornings and after hes finished playing i simply put him in the buggy and keep walking. Fresh air and being outside really works wonders for me and i then feel good for the rest of the day.

I finally get to see my midwife next week and we should get to hear baby’s heartbeat which i just love, its the best sound. Will update again after our 20 week ultrasound :).




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