Day one- social media detox

My first day actually started pretty well, my alarm went off and i grabbed my phone to do my usual checks on social media to then realise they were all gone! i then got up because i simply had no reason to use my phone. Throughout my morning i stayed productive and actually got a lot more done that i usually would, this continued into lunch time but soon after i had accomplished all of things on my to do list i was bored and like clockwork got my phone out but again realised i had nothing to do on it. Once max ( my youngest child) was up from his nap at least i was no longer bored and instead used my time to sit with him and play. I would usually play with him but i would also be preoccupied and eager to look at my phone whereas this time i had no urges to check it.

I did notice myself checking my phone throughout the day but not as often as i thought i would. I mostly noticed boredom in the evening and realised this is the time of day i would usually waste time on my phone but instead i remained productive and then simply joined the kids on the sofa for tv time. I felt much better come evening and actually realised i didn’t miss my phone at all. I played with my older two boys before they went off to bed and that hour flew by! i wasn’t preoccupied at all and simply enjoyed spending time with them which i usually take for granted.

All in all the day was great, i didn’t miss my phone and actually felt better. My head was clearer and i was able to get more done in the day. I also slept better but cant really put that down to phone use yet as its early days.




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