30 Day social media detox

Could you live without all social media for 30 days? I have just started my 30 days right now! I am documenting the entire journey right here on my website.

Why? Honestly i have so many reasons why but for me i generally come off of social media feeling worse than before, i can waste hours a day simply looking at what others are doing with their life and in turn i feel like my life isn’t as cool or as fulfilling. Without admitting it ( most wont ) we all secretly compare ourselves to other people, we all look at body types we aspire to be like, houses we wish we owned, a lavish lifestyle we lust over, amazing destinations we dream of going to. All of this can wreck havoc on our mental wellbeing. Most of what you see on social media isn’t real or its real but not all is as it seems…. just because someone claims to have their perfect life together with the perfect body does not mean they don’t have bad days or live in debt like most of the population. Social media shows us the “best bits”.

I simply hate the fact that as a nation we are all glued to our phones and would rather know what our favourite insta star/celeb is up to than talk with our friends and family. Dinners are now being spent on phones instead of having a proper conversation and many people are missing out on living in the moment because instead they waste time taking hundreds of photos to simply post on instagram for the likes or browsing on social media to see what is going on in the world. I would much rather watch my kids having fun/join in than get them to pose every 5 minutes for a photo, i’m not saying we shouldn’t take photos but we should be using photos to capture special memories to keep forever but instead we take hundreds because they aren’t perfect or don’t have the best lighting to get the most likes or views etc.

Why should we know what others are doing every minute of the day? who cares! Just live your life without worrying what others think, without comparing to others, without the need to share it with the world. I know its said all the time but its so true that we all have one life and one shot at making it the best life we can. Instead of dreaming of a destination and staring at a photo make it a place to see in person! the same can be said for unrealistic body types, stop wishing you looked a specific way and instead change the way you look by changing your lifestyle ( if you are unhappy) and again the so called perfect families you dream to be like, make yourself and your family happier by spending time together and understand that no one is perfect and no family is perfect either.

A few things i wish to accomplish by getting rid of social media:

  • Read every single day
  • Practice mindfulness daily
  • Spend more time with my kids
  • More productivity

I have deleted all of my apps such as instagram, facebook and pintrest and will not log in for the entire 30 days. At the end of the 30 days if i wish to continue without these apps i will then log in to delete them all forever.

A few negative implications social media can have on us:

  • Fear of missing out
  • Cyberbullying
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Negative body image
  • Unhealthy sleeping pattern
  • General addiction

Just to clarify social media isn’t always bad and if used correctly and only for a small proportion of the day then its completely fine to do so.

If any of you want to start your 30 day detox please do join in 🙂 I am on my first day now so will report back with how my day went tomorrow.




One thought on “30 Day social media detox

  1. I gave up social media permanently back in December. It’s great not seeing all the horrible news or having hear about it. I realize I’m not so much addicted to certain people’s profiles anymore. When I talk to people I’m not looking at my phone when I do so I’m actually engaging in the conversation. I believe that the less I already know what’s happening in their lives the more social and enjoyable the moment can be. Facebook can’t tell me what happened anymore. They have to tell me themselves. At that moment I can sense how they feel and it really is different. I’ve also learned that people who care about you enough will find a way to keep in contact with you no matter what.

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