5 Job roles of mums

This is somewhat a joke kind of post but also true 🙂 Something i was thinking about earlier this morning whilst out with max was all of the different job roles mums are every single day. The things your almost meant to know simply because to your kids you know everything and can solve any issue. I have put together my own list of job roles below… also i’m aware these roles are technically of both parents.

1- Referee: The endless fights you have to break up every single day! i am speaking for the mums who of course have more than one child here. My comment is usually “Kai stop swinging max around the room” or “Stop kicking your brother in the head, body only”

2- Nurse: Ah the non stop injuries that occur or illnesses you are meant to cure. Numerous occasions where i have resorted to google for an answer as i have no clue what treatment is needed. Question from me ” Charlie how did you manage to injure yourself on the toilet?”

3- Counsellor: Kids struggle, emotionally they go through a lot and its our job to help them through any problems they may be having. Many times i simply haven’t known the answer or known how to help exactly so instead think of something positive and uplifting, say i love you and hope for the best! Sometimes all you can offer is your love and support but sometimes this is all they need to hear.

4- Chef: Good ol mealtimes, usually stressful and full off chaos. When you have a few mouths to feed it can become quite the challenge to please all of your children. I have one who eats butter, one who doesn’t and some will eat lentils and others will not ( you get the jist). Its also hard to get it right… so many guidelines of whats healthy or not healthy for your child that its easy to get overwhelmed at times. All mums have fed their kids cereal for dinner or chocolate for breakfast at least once, no it wont kill them.

5- Lets call this job role the know it all: Kids expect you to know the answer to every single question they have. Many times you simply blag it and other times just making an excuse as to why you don’t know the answer. Questions i have been asked ” How long would it take to walk to america?”, ” Whats faster a cat or dog?”. I have far too many questions to list but you get the idea 🙂

Obviously these roles are also roles of dads too but i’m mostly talking about my experience as a stay at home and being many job roles everyday. Also why is it that only the mums are the chefs ? ( not 100% of the time)Kids seem to always moan and nag their mums for food instead of dad too…. lol.

Thanks for reading, i hope some of you can relate.




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