12 Weeks pregnant.

Hard to believe i’m already 12 weeks along! this pregnancy is flying by. I have managed a few good gym sessions so far this week which is a nice improvement, being active distracts me from feeling sick but it also gives me a boost of energy and helps me clear my head. As far as what i have been doing really does vary depending on how rough i feel, some days i lift like i would usually and also get cardio in but then other days its a quick circuit with much lighter weights/resistance bands and no cardio.

The main symptoms for this past week are as follows;

1: Sickness still here! its worse some days and better on other days but from lunch time right up to bedtime is by far the hardest to deal with.

2: Bump is really starting to pop. Nothing fits me but a lot of my maternity wear is too big so i’m in the awkward stage at the moment and pretty much live in the same two pairs of joggers as thats all that fits lol.

3: Food cravings have for sure have been sushi. Its such an expensive craving but its just so good!.

4: Headaches. These suck and i get them in every single pregnancy, every single day.

5: Mood swings. This isn’t exactly new but its going strong still. Its hard to explain how crazy your mood goes whilst pregnant but the smallest of things can either make me cry or make me angry.

I think thats most of them covered, i’m just eagerly awaiting our official NHS scan for the due date of this baby. We are also not finding out the gender as its our last i decided to just let it be a surprise :).




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