These past 3 weeks have not been the best. The first trimester is exhausting! Currently taking different tablets for my sickness which somewhat help but the all day long wanting to throw up is still going strong :(. No new symptoms to report other than needing to pee more at night and my belly is actually looking like a baby bump now which i love. 

I don’t really think i have had any specific cravings either since absolutely nothing sounds good to eat. I have had random foods crop up though such as chicken pie and salt and vinegar crips…. These sorts of foods are common for me to want as with all three of my boys salted things were always amazing :). 

Due to my NHS scan not being until the first week of January i booked a private scan so we could tell everyone before Christmas, since i’m not myself at the moment and talking actually makes me want to puke some days i figured its best to let family know earlier and it also means i don’t have to hide my bump under big jumpers!.

As far as health and fitness its all up in the air and to be honest some days i get really down because i miss going to the gym more often and eating my usual foods. Some days i can barely move off the sofa and other days i can go the gym and clean etc. Im now just waiting  to start feeling more like myself. 




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