Im actually shocked i’m sat here able to write this post. Week 6 things really ramped up for me which gave me more hope that things were ok before my EPU unit scan at 7 weeks.

So week 6. Every single pregnancy symptom started, and i mean everything. I felt sick 24/7 which this symptom for me has always been the hardest. You want to throw up all day and night long, nothing sounds good to eat so you don’t eat which then makes sickness worse and worst of all no one knows you are suffering! The only good thing is that i’m more reassured that things are ok with baby. Im struggling to get to the gym most days due to feeling so poorly and so so tired. I cant even explain how tired you get whilst pregnant. Any day that i feel remotely ok and well enough i head to the gym! Otherwise i feel like a slob which of course i’m not, i’m growing a baby but the guilt still sets in.


  • All day/night sickness. Hyperemesis Gravidarum ( Its an actual illness affecting 1-3% pregnant women) 
  • Insomnia ramped up.
  • Increase in cm.
  • Headaches.
  • Food aversions and nothing sounds good.
  • Exhausted, even moving off the sofa was hard.
  • Sore/sensitive nipples.


  • Dizzy/lightheaded more than usual 
  • ZERO energy. 
  • Bad insomnia 
  • Still no appetite at all
  • Weight: LOST 6 LBS so far (due to sickness) 

Week 7 was when i caved and went to the doctors. I was put on anti sickness tablets and had my blood iron levels checked as i had all the signs of iron deficiency. Safe to say the beginning of week 7 was horrendous! Barely drinking let alone eating which is why i got medication. Hyperemesis is the worst thing to be going through, its honestly draining. Its also incredibly dangerous due to dehydration women occur and many end up in hospital. Im trying my hardest to not let that happen! 

The best thing that happened this week was our scan! We saw tiny baby with a heartbeat, i was so so relieved. 


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