Just for reference i am now 7 weeks along but wanted to keep this pregnancy private until i had my scan for reassurance. I will post my 6&7 update in a few days to catch you all up :). 

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. I have been worrying myself sick! Due to my horrid miscarriage experience with numerous scans all being bad results thats all i could picture. My top symptom for weeks 4 and 5 was anxiety due to my waiting for the scan at the EPU. 

I will give you a run down of all of my symptoms as there have been quite a few. 

  • Mood changes…. Emotions are up and down. One minute im happy then im moody and then feel like crying. 
  • Pregnancy brain… This is real! I have gone to put away silly things such as paper or a shoe into the fridge lol. 
  • Bloated…This is a huge thing for me aswell, i wake up and i look huge ( at least to me) then by the end of the day i look about 3 months pregnant. Thankfully its winter so i can wear jumpers alot. 
  • No motivation…When i say this i mean i have zero energy or desire to even move off the sofa let alone get to the gym, leave the house or take care of the kids. The struggle is real. 
  • Cramps and backache…The cramping was more so for all of week 4 and did just feel like period pains just without the period. Backache has been low down and comes and goes, i think its sciatica related which is brill. 
  • Chest changes….Usually i never notice much changes to my chest but these past few weeks my chest has become super veiny, sensitive and sore at times. Ive even had tingling at times. 
  • Vivid dreams…Im usually a dreamer but my dreams have ramped up and sometimes they are very odd. 
  • Sensitive teeth…Everything hurts my teeth, sometimes even breathing in cold air outside hurts. Very odd.
  • Insomnia….This one sucks but its a common thing for me during pregnancy. 
  • Lastly tiredness…This goes hand in hand with no motivation too but usually from 12pm onwards i am shattered. Can barely function almost.




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