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So following on from last months chemical pregnancy i decided to take this month off. We weren’t trying but we were also not preventing. Essentially this was just a wait and see what happens kind of month, because of this i know my chances are slim. Due to the chemical i am still unaware of my cycle lengths and AF ( period ) date. I am estimating i get my period from cd26-28 though as i usually ovulate cd 14-15. This month i have no idea of anything… ovulation day or period date, its all just guess work!.

This month was far less stressful in general and i was honestly just relaxed about it all. I even managed to squeeze in a massage and acupuncture. I will give you a run down of my symptoms by DPO ( days past ovulation ) which like i said is guess work but i’m thinking i ovulated between cd13-15 due to ovulation pains and CM changes etc. I have got pretty good at knowing my body these days so i’m pretty sure it happened between those days. Also just a heads up this will be TMI and all future pregnancy related posts will be too. 

Just for reference I always have an 11 day luteal phase without fail, if it goes past 11 days i have always had a positive pregnancy test.

1DPO- Very dry cm. Moody and sad ( norm after i ovulate due to hormonal changes)

2DPO- Same as above. UNWELL WITH COUGH

3DPO- Really good mood.UNWELL WITH COUGH

4DPO-Really good mood again. Gums bled when brushing teeth, odd.UNWELL STILL

5DPO-Sensitive teeth drinking my coffee in morning, also bout of dizziness. UNWELL STILL. Also 1-5 dpo random twinges here and there.

6DPO- Shadow line on first response test… yes i tested. You become a crazy line eye lady when TTC lol. Random itchy left boob?. Craving dark chocolate gingers. Slight increase in creamy CM.

7DPO- No pregnancy symptoms. Feel like i am out this month. Slight increase in CM again and feels wet inside? sorry for tmi. Still unwell but feeling better than previous days.

8DPO-Loads of watery CM.

9DPO-Really sad? odd. Nipples bumpy, also odd.

10DPO-Positive on amazon one step test!! genuinely shocked.

11DPO-First response test…. Positive! A good line too. 

For me i didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms but the sensitive teeth gave it away for me as i only ever get this when pregnant. Another odd symptom was the lack of CM up to 7dpo, not normal in my usual cycles so this also made me think i may be pregnant. Other than that though nothing stood out. 

I will add the video below for those who are more visual 🙂




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