Wakehurst place walk


Todays adventure was at a place called Wakehurst. Its in sussex and is a national trust site. I will link it here LINK.

If you love nature and the outdoors then i highly recommend this one. Our family is big on nature and big on getting out in the fresh air and exploring. Its a shame that kids these days have lost their connection with the outside world as they are too focussed on social media and gaming, my kids do love their gaming just as much as Kyron does 🙂 but they are also very in touch with nature which i love. Sometimes kids just need to be kids! let them run about in the leaves, mud and dirt. let them climb trees and make up imaginary games (Charlie is great at this) all of these things can also encourage healthy brain development and keep them fit. 




This walk is suitable for most, but certain areas are not accessible for buggies or wheelchairs. The whole route around is around 2.2 miles, you are given a map upon entry and have options for which route you take and it does show you which areas are easy or hard.Theres a little cafe for hot food and drink as well a shop. The walk really is a lovely one, along the way are a few outdoor natural things for the kids to do such as a big labyrinth. This was great fun actually and did take a long time for everyone to get into the middle but it kept us all entertained. 





Again me wanting to keep things real here… on this walk it took us around 2 and a half hours (stopping along the way) by the time we reached the half way point the kids started to argue and moan they were tired and that their legs hurt. On route back to the exit we had some punching going on ( kais usually the culprit here) and then some storming off ( kai again lol) so although the pictures are lovely we still had our fair share of bad moments. We will definitely be doing this walk again though as it really was a lovely route :). 








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