The perfect body

What is the perfect body? i bet you have an image in your head right now. Do you think having this ‘perfect body’ will make you happy? let me tell you now it wont. I have been down that road, the lean body, skinny, small waist etc when i had my abs and i had my small waist i had zero confidence and hated the way i looked. Most would look at me and think i was healthy and happy and ‘fitness’, little did they know i was battling with an eating disorder, had depression and became addicted to exercise. That to me doesn’t scream ‘fitness’. Again though, what makes someone a fitness person? someone who has to get 6 workouts in a week? someone who hikes on weekends? a swimmer? a rugby player? you see all of these types of people are technically fitness people. They all take part in some form of exercise, not all activity has to be in a gym. Sadly social media these days paints a picture that unless you are lean and go to the gym every day of the week then you are not fitness or healthy or even worthy of calling yourself a healthy individual. This is so wrong on so many levels.
I wont go on and on but put it this way, are you more likely to continue working out at a gym 6 days a week forever or more likely to take walks a few times a week? i reckon the second is most likely. We shouldn’t be trying to do what others do to look a certain way or to fit in but instead do things we enjoy and things that make us happy. If you enjoy a certain activity then you are more likely to continue it. Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment it should be a way of rewarding ourselves for just being human, for being alive and being physically able to move. Exercising because you enjoy it and it makes you happy is far better than exercising because you ate too much or because you believe skinny means happiness.
Fitness to me means being physically active because you want to be, eating mindfully and eating what you want with no worries and it also means being fit no matter what your shape may be. Abs doesn’t mean ‘fit’ we all have different bodies and just because we may not be shredded doesn’t mean we aren’t ‘fit’ or in shape or even healthy. Your body doesn’t define you as a person, theres more to you than the way you look. I have tried pretty much all the fad diets out there and have tried extreme bouts of exercise, none of these things made me happy nor where they healthy or sustainable long term. Becoming confident and happy in your own skin is a long process, one i am still battling with daily. The journey is hard and long but it is worth it in the end.
We are all fighting our own battles, most go unseen and are not spoken about. Be kind always. Be honest with yourself. Love yourself. Life is hard and life can be cruel but just know you are not alone, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will one day love the skin you are in.

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