How to be happier

So let me guess you spend your evenings sat in front of the tv and at the same time browse social media on your phone? i’m right aren’t i :). If you are like most people these days then it doesn’t come as a surprise. Now i’m not saying i’m perfect and i don’t do this, or that its super damaging to our health etc. What i am saying is that we as a nation are now glued and obsessed over technology, i do still watch a programme once a week but we do now have no digital tv. I also do use my phone a’lot but i now limit the times i am simply scrolling. Why? because its all filling our heads full of crap! and fear and this idea that ‘perfect’ exists. Stop watching the news and stop following people on social media who make you envious or unhappy about yourself, instead follow and look up to those who inspire you or make you feel good. The news and all kinds of ridiculous programmes out there also do a great job of making us fear things we didn’t before. Im not suggesting you give up all your favourite programmes but rather stick to ones that you know wont negatively impact you day by day.
Long story short.. follow those who make you feel good and watch those who make you happy or inspired, also scroll less and spend more time in the real world.
I cant really go into a huge amount of depth on this one yet because i’m not super experienced as of yet. What i will say is meditation has SO many benefits for you, of course the number one thing is mental wellbeing. Yoga and meditation are somewhat combined, in a sense that you practice breathing and relaxing whilst doing yoga, it really does help. I enjoy it for the de stressing effects and to ease my anxious mind. I am still learning which is why i cant elaborate too much on this tip. I have been using youtube for yoga videos at the moment and have found short practices and longer ones, i use the short ones more due to being a busy mum. Try it out and see if it helps:)
Fresh air really does work wonders. If you are feeling stressed, tired or run down go outside! honestly does you a world of good. I force myself to go out some days but once i come back inside i feel better, even a 15 minute walk helps. Nature helps to make you feel calmer, relaxed and more at ease. Going outside and walking also makes you think and really think about the small things that matter. This for me really helps mentally clear my head when i appreciate the simple things such as birds singing or being able to hear cars drive past.
This one is a long one that i will shorten for you. Essentially eat the way in which YOU feel good and YOU feel happiest. Theres no point in following a fad diet that makes you feel awful just because someone you know does it. Eat in a way that gives you energy, is nutritious but not restricting and you simply enjoy your food. I now follow a vegan diet due to moral reasons and the fact i don’t want animals to be killed just for my consumption. I could go on and on about my reasons but i wont. I eat mostly plant based foods, high amounts of fruits and vegetables etc but i also eat a cookie ( vegan ) if i want one! or biscoff spread… ;). The way you eat should be your lifestyle not just a quick fix fad diet.
Simply owning less can and i actually guarantee will make you happier. I used to hoard clothing and buy things just because i could, i ended up with so much clutter and less money that was in turn not making me happy. I still buy clothing of course but i now buy what i really need and then throw out other items, this keeps on top of clutter and having stuff you don’t use just sat there. You can buy all the clothes, shoes, gadgets etc you want but if you are constantly buying more to get your initial happy fix then its not truly making you happy. Being more mindful of the things you buy and what you spend your money on will in turn make you happier. Less stuff means less mess! 🙂



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